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  • Featured ImageWorld War I

    We have been busy fighting about Canadian History this year regarding subject matter and how the Feds spend money on awareness of our past. The campaign to promote the events of the War of 1812 became a lighting rod for various groups and interested parties who felt that other issues should be supported or that the money should have been spent elsewhere or to balance the budget.

    Well round 2 is about to begin. The 100th anniversary of the First World War is just around the corner and if any war defined Canada as a nation and impacted our people, culture, national awareness and claimed Canadian lives – it was WWI. Remember – the word we use every November 11th, Remember – the clarion call to bring peace to the world and recognize the sacrifice that we have made as a people and as individuals all came from those terrible battlefields of the First World War.

    This is an event to promote and examine for many reasons and motives, the least of which may be the horrible face of war and its consequences. Let’s make an effort to celebrate, remember, learn from, to avoid  repeating it, and also gain an understanding of who we are as a people and how this great event changed the course of political, social, cultural, economic, and many other threads  of Canadian development. Ask for, demand, pressure, expect, and get another look at this event on its 100th anniversary. So much of Canada today comes from our involvement and the world;s involvement in this catastrophic event.


  • Featured ImageTop 10 Events in Canadian History

    With all of the discussion today about equal handling of events, cialis people, see topics, themes etc in Canadian History, we want to know what you think the big 10 are. What were the top 10 things in our past which contributed to our awareness today of who we are as Canadians and what Canada as a county stands for. Let us know and we will then repost the choices as a poll on this site and Canadahistory.com so that the visiting public can vote and decide.

  • What is Canadian History

    Recent discussions in the press, sildenafil in Parliament, in committee hearings an in general are once again throwing about the question of what is Canadian history and how do we handle the public discourse of it. The politics involved with this question and the answers provided are explosive if an agenda is at work but if we are trying to promote the academic review of the countries history, heritage and culture an all inclusive view should serve as the starting point with public demand driving the discussion from there. Let individuals decide what they are interested in by voting by request on the web or through media platforms, visits to historic sites, purchase of books and videos, viewership of TV shows and movies and many other vehicles of measuring their interest. Lincoln was a big hit in the United States last year because people were interested in the topic. So – the question is – what are you interested in?